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Dinx Design Co

Starfish Dress

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Limited Edition Starfish Dress!

 Our lovely Starfish dresses are handmade in Pembrokeshire. Ideal for after a cold water swim or just a quick paddle in the sea. Our easy-to-wear tulip-style tunics are the same cut back and front so can't put it on wrong way round when faffing after a swim.

One size fits all 12 - 16. 

If you have a favourite fabric, special size or you want a different fabric front & back then pop us a message! We love making custom orders. 


How it works 

Simply choose your colour-way below and then wait 14 days for your beautiful dress to be made. 

Seascape: turquoise, blues, greens

Sunset & Sunrise: reds, pinks, purples and orange

Rock Pool: Greens, blues, maroon

Storm Cloud: grey, navy, black

Clear Skies: bright and colourful

Red Polka Dot 

Blue Polka Dot

Mystery: let us choose a beautiful fabric for you!

  • Hand Made

    Every item is lovingly designed & handmade in Pembrokeshire by our brilliant creative team.

  • Waterproof

    Our unique design means the inside of our products are waterproof, ensuring your wet clothes are contained after your swim.

  • Washable

    Keeping life simple. All of our items are washable with care at 30 degrees.